Travel Photography Using F-Stop

I recently traveled South East Asia for 4 months and discovered F-Stop for photo management. I probably took over 5000 photos as I traveled and F-Stop turned my tablet into a formidable image management platform. I would transfer from my DSLR to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and F-Stop would index my photos. Being able to sort by EXIF Date Taken was huge as I edited photos. I would rate and edit photos very rapidly because of the easy to use flow of F-Stop. Once I had deleted / edited / rated my photos I would use FolderSync to automatically upload the changes to Google Drive. By sorting by rating, it was also easy to take highlights of a part of my trip and post them to Social Media. With a new found method of photo management, and a renewed usefulness of my tablet, I came back with 50% less post-trip photo management work. I often don’t have time to deal with my photos post-trip, this is the first time my photography is in such great order. I plan on syncing my previous trips to my tablet and using this method to clean up the images from all of those trips!

Thanks for making such a great app!

Adam Archer

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