F-Stop Media Gallery is an advanced media gallery and although we tried to simplify it as much as possible we also wanted to provide our users with the control they wanted.
See below for the list of settings and an explanation of each.

Main Description
Included folders By default, F-Stop includes all your storage devices (internal memory and SD card). Adding folders here tells F-Stop to only include those folders. Subfolders are also included.
Excluded folders These are the folders that F-Stop will not scan. Subfolders are also included.
Include videos Show videos with images. If unchecked, videos will ONLY be shown in the video folder from the dashboard.
Use offline mode Offline mode keeps media in the internal library if it has been moved or deleted outside of F-Stop.
Autosave Selecting this option automatically saves tags and ratings according to your preferences. This will cause tagging and rating to be a little slower since it has to perform a write to the file as well. (Default: Unchecked)
Sidecars for non-JPG Enabling this option saves tags and ratings to a sidecar file for all supported media files that aren't JPGs. Unchecking this option will disable the option to "Always use sidecars". (Default: Checked)
Always use sidecars Checking this setting will always save sidecar files for all supported media. This includes JPG files too. (Default: Unchecked)
Password Set or change the password to the protected area
Location for protected files Change the location of protected file. All files must be unprotected before changing location.
Startup screen Set the default startup screen
Suppress hidden folders Folders and subfolders will be hidden if a text file with filename ".nomedia" is inside the folder. More information about .nomedia files is here or just do a Google search.
Hide/show icon Hides or shows the key icon from the app drawer.
Confirm delete When checked, shows confirmation dialog when deleting media in media viewer. When unchecked, an undo option is shown.
Play video When checked, videos play in external video player. Unchecked shows the video thumbnail in media viewer.
App exit options Provides options for exiting app when pressing back button.
Use system share dialog Use the system share dialog when check. Otherwise, use the custom share dialog.
Use root for setting date If standard method of setting date modified fails, use root method.


Layout and drawing Description
Draw thumbnail border Draws a border around thumbnails
Optimize for slow devices Thumbnails might load a little bit slower but it is useful for devices with a slow processor
Draw square thumbnails Enabling this setting always fills a square thumbnail. Disabling this feature will draw the thumbnail with the original aspect ratio.
Status overlay icons Select to show or hide status overlay icons. See here.
Columns in portrait Select the number of thumbnail columns when device is in portrait orientation
Columns in landscape Select the number of thumbnail columns when device is in landscape orientation
Folder view  
Grid columns in portrait The number of columns in portrait orientation for folders in grid view.
Grid columns in landscape The number of columns in landscape orientation for folders in grid view.
Thumbnail size in portrait Size of thumbnails in portrait orientation. Using 'Medium' or 'Small' requires more cached thumbnails to be drawn. If you experience any kind of glitches (flashing thumbnails, choppy scrolling, etc.) please select 'Large'. (Default: Large)
Thumbnail size in landscape Size of thumbnails in landscape orientation. Using 'Medium' or 'Small' requires more cached thumbnails to be drawn. If you experience any kind of glitches (flashing thumbnails, choppy scrolling, etc.) please select 'Large'. (Default: Large)
Numerical sorting Treat the first numbers of a file name as a number when sorting


Media viewer Description
Endless media viewer Loop to the beginning when the end is reached
Swipe gesture length The length of the finger swipe before it is accepted as valid. (Default: Very short)
Transition speed Slow, Medium, Fast (default), Very Fast - Transition speed when swiping between images in media viewer (new on v.2.3.0)
Maximum brightness Sets the display brightness to maximum when viewing images
Use true color decoding Check to use full color or 8-bits per pixel for each color. (new on v2.3.0)
Image scaling Select which method to use to zoom in on high resolution images. Hardware method is preferred for Android 3.0+ devices. If there are issues with rendering, please use the software method.
Advance after rating Check to automatically advance to the next image when you rate an image.
Enlarge small images Enlarge small images to fit the screen
Best fit Rotates images to best fit the screen dimensions without cropping
Change screen orientation Choose the method used to change the screen orientation.
Fill screen Scale image to fill the entire screen
Disable panning Disables panning when 'fill screen' is enabled
Repeat slideshow Start slideshow at the beginning when the end is reached
Shuffle slideshow Play slideshow in random order
Slideshow interval Time between next image
Transitions Select the transition type
Unified transition Use the same transition type for the entire slideshow


Navigation drawer Description
Hide logo Hides the logo and shrinks the area take up by the image.
Customize Rearrange and hide items in drawer.


Cache Description
Use preview images Speeds up image loading by initially using low resolution thumbnails
Delete preview cache Delete all generated preview images
Refresh thumbnail cache Delete and regenerate all thumbnails. This will NOT modify any existing data you have saved. It is strictly used to refresh the thumbnails images. It can take >1minute to complete depending on how many media files you have and your hardware.


Themes Description
Theme Allows you to select the color scheme used in F-Stop.
Base theme Select light or dark as the base theme.
Primary color Select the primary color for a list of colors.
Accent color Select the accent color for a list of colors.
Image viewer background color Choose the background color when viewing single images.


Other settings Description
SD card write permissions Open dialog to request SD card write permissions for Android 5.0+.
Language F-Stop language is determined by device system setting. Please consider helping to translate F-Stop into your language.
About Version information and credits
Help Link to the online tutorial
What's new What is new in each version
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Contact us Please contact us here
Disable bug reporting Sends anonymous data and allows us to provide bug free software.