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    This change to the way f-stop slideshow operates is a bad move because if I’m wanting to use an app with the same sort of behavioural functions that is just like every other app, then I will just go and use a different app. The very reason why F-stop was such a great app was the different functions that could still be done during an active sideshow. If you’re getting requests from users who want you to dumb down the app and make it more like every other app and make it just like any other gallery app, then view these requests with scepticism. A user, who presumably likes the innovation of other functions the app performs, then makes a request to strip away a function what was a game changer so it’s more like the other apps that were presumably discarded because they didn’t offer enough innovative functionality.
    Theyre essentially wanting you to get rid of innovative ideas that give an edge over competition….. it doesn’t make sense why this is suddenly such a great idea and then changed in every update thereafter or why it cannot be offered as an optional function to choose from in settings menus.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)