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      Using v4.4.3 I today noticed that the photos I shot show the wrong time in the image viewer.

      I have set it to show both ‘Date original’ and ‘Date digitized’, but both are one hour off. I have noticed this also on my tablet using the same version, also with older photos.

      eg. photo I took at 12:03 today shows as 13:03.

      Could you please look into this?

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      Jason Seelye


      We updated our metadata library and this is something that changed. Basically, if the metadata time does not include a timezone, we previously used the local time zone. However, this can’t really be assumed so the new way always uses UTC instead. This has confused many users so we have since “fixed” this in our current beta v4.4.4b2. and will be available in the next release.

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      Glad to read that you will fix that “bug”. Most of my cameras don’t include a timezone information.

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