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      I would like to add virtual folders that appear on the left navigation bar. Those folders should have filter rules for date, type, tags, exif tlags, maybe gps locations.

      There are already some fixed type folders doing similar things such as:
      * Tags
      * Locations

      * Videos
      * All

      However what I wonder about: There is no
      * Pictures

      I would like to have a custom virtual folders like
      “All pictures of the last 2 weeks ordered by date”, working recursively on all folders.
      It would be great for users to be able to add custom search folders like this and being able to completely customize the navigation bar.
      I use that approach a lot in my Email client Evolution. Also other clients such as Aquamail on Android have such e feature like “SmartBox”.

      I could add virtual folders filtering for the Camera type in the exif tags.
      I centrally synchronize several devices with FolderSync to have all pictures of all devices on every device..

      Right now I often use the item “All files” and sort by date to see what’s new from the devices.

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