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      my photos are on a NAS. F-Stop has a very fast workflow for rating and tagging photos. I’d like to rate the photos directly on the NAS. Unfortunately Android (i use Nexus 5 with Android 5) does not allow to mount a CIFS share. However, file manager Apps are able to access a CIFS share and that would be a very helpful feature for F-Stop.

      Kind regards

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      Jason Seelye

      Thanks for your comment. We do have this on our todo list.

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      Need SMB / CIFS +1.

      I do the same way as Christian. It’s really helpful indeed.

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      I have to agree.

      I’ve got a ton of photos sitting on my NAS that are a mess because I can’t be bothered to sit down at the desk in front of the computer and fire-up Shotwell (or XnViewMP – I can’t remember what I last used on the desktop).

      But every night I’ve got my phone and/or tablet in my hand, and it would be simple to sort a few whenever I have a a minute or two.

      Loading photos over the network, and then saving them again with tags, etc. is going to be slow process though. Especially as cameras get more megapixels and files get bigger. So the solution is not going to be as simple as building network access into F-Stop.

      This would pretty much require an F-Stop server, so perhaps one of the open source photo galleries has an API that F-Stop could leverage?

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      I’m using the F-Stop gallery since a few days now and it’s great. The SMB/CIFS support seems to be implemented already and that’s perfect when you’re in your home network. I’m also working with a NAS.
      Though you can make Samba availbe to the outside world (e.g. VPN) it’s not the best protocol for that purpose I think (e.g. security).

      Therefor I’d like to suggest SFTP also as a cloud protocol for F-Stop gallery. Also OwnCloud would be nice!

      Thanks and greets,

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      Ingo R.

      Having support in F-Stop itself would be nice, but as workaround, I can recommend FolderSync: That easily lets you sync files with your NAS.
      What I do is I create a sync in FolderSync for the pictures I want to tag, sync them to my phone, then do what needs to be done with F-Stop, and after that sync back to the NAS with FolderSync. Of course you need the space on your phone, but if you don’t have external SD card in your phone, you could always just sync the subset of your picture collection that you want to tag next. FolderSync has a lot of filters for file and folder names.

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