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      Apologies if this is answered elsewhere. I checked the FAQ and searched around but could not find an answer for what it is I’m trying to figure out. I recently purchased f-stop pro on it’s good reputation and functionality to read SMB shares. I have a NAS with the families photos archived on a share. I connected the photo drive to F-Stop no problem, works great. I then noticed I ran out of space on my phone a day later. I deleted some duplicate media, old cache files, and unused apps.Then received another full storage warning. Further investigation reveals the f-stop user data directory to be about 15 gigs and growing every time I free up space. My understanding is the Android media scanner is scanning the NAS drive I added to f-stop and storing a data file (but not the actual image) of meta data and other information that f-stop uses to show thumbnails and metadata. I take it the large number of photos we have (a few 100 gbs) will produce a database that is threatening to fill my entire free and-non essential phone storage. Is there any way I can toggle the data it stores, how much, or how large this database is? I looked in settings but was unable to find anything about this. My hope is that I can use f-stop to browse our photos on the network share without the need to allocate a large amount of storage to do this.
      Thank you.

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      I am having the same issue, does any one has any solution, I got a paid app for this use especially.

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