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      I have a weird issue whereby in my Gallery, in a folder(s), I have a series of images sorted by date (date taken, to be specific), but then a few more underneath in a section for “Unknown Date”.

      Now I wholly understand images edited in certain Photo and Graphics Editing Apps on my device can, and often do strip out any EXIF data.

      But my problem is that I have since ran these two images through “Photo Exif Editor Pro” on my Android device, and manually set both a time and date (and geo location as it happens) for the image and then saved them accordingly. And yet no matter what I do, they still show as “unknown date” in Fstop Media Gallery Pro.

      I have cleared various Caches in the App, changed the settings so that a pull down does a manual metadata refresh,, folders automatically look for new data, and any other setting I can find in Fstop – but will it heck refresh the images to recognise the date.

      On checking the exif data for the “unknown date” images by way of “Menu > Details” within the app, I can see that:
      Last Modified Date
      Date Original, and,
      Date Digitized

      All show the correct exif data of 30th May 2018 etc.

      But the App still says “Unknown Date” for these images. Surely one of these values equates to “date taken”, otherwise how can I use a Exif Tool to set the value needed?

      I have tried this test a different way too, by using the phone’s own Gallery app, and it correctly has the images sorted already in the standard gallery app. By confirming in the sense that the “Master Images”, and the “Graphics App edited ones” are showing in the correct dated order, with the Master Image A, and the Graphics App edited version of image A show first next to each other, followed by the Master Image B, and the App edited version of Image B next. Whereas in FStop, the Master Images are shown in the date section, but the Graphics App edited versions show below in “unknown Date” section.

      So, which specific exif “date value/entry” does FStop Pro actually use to display images as having date info present, and moreover, why is it not using the Industry Standard normal versions of “date value” which can easily be added by Exif Data Editing tools, if this is the underlying issue?

      Any ideas what my problem is if not folks, thanks? I can obviously sort my images by “date modified” and this does away with the “unknown date” images, but then lists all these images as being February 2021, rather than May 2018 – so that isn’t the answer/reason.

      My FStop Pro app version is 5.3.17, and my Device is a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G running Android 11 official.

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      I am having the exact same issue with unknown dates.

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