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      This will be some quick fire requests, which is why I put them all under the same topic. But they have all bugged me for quite a while.

      1: You are unable to sort your album in the same way you can custom sort photos. This can be a bit frustrating if you want them displayed in a specific order.

      2: Thumbnails should allow you to load an image for it to use as opposed to it needing to be directly in the child folder. For instance, I have an album that have around 10 albums in it. And the parent album can’t get a thumbnail because it can’t recognize any of the images in the 10 albums it has. So I need to copy and paste one image and place it next to all those 10 albums just so I can get a thumbnail.

      3: Why can’t we use logical operators to exclude photos. Both OR and AND works, but I don’t see why the NOT operator hasn’t been included. This would help drastically when searching for specific photos.

      4: We have a search function within albums, but that one only allows you to search for file names and not tags. Why can’t that search function work in the same way the global search function works.

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      Actually the answer to all your questions is the same: because it hasn’t been implemented yet. We have an endless todo list and it takes time to implement features.


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