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      i hid and unhid two folders in my gallery which for some reason removed every tag off of 99.9% of the images in one of those two folders and the “revert to metadata on disk” option did nothning after running it on every image within that folder.

      this is getting really irritating considering f-stop is the only gallery app on android that seems to do any kind of tagging

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      By default F-Stop stores tags in internal database. If you use “Save metadata” (for all images with added tags), then it will embed tags into images. In your case, you probably didn’t do that. So hen you hid folders, F-Stop removed images from it’s database (together with their tags). When you unhid them again, F-Stop rescaned those images and added them to database but your tags were already removed.

      Make sure you always save your metadata into images by “Save metadata”. Easiest way to do this is to select “Update metadata” in the navigation drawer on the left side and then select all images and select “Save metadata”. That will save metadata for all images that need this.

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