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      I have the Pro version (purchased it) and have two questions.

      Question #1:
      After I had to change the names of the corresponding original folders where the photos were saved, I lost all tags and custom sorting data for thousands of photos and hundreds of folders, which I worked on directly on the app on the phone.

      Unfortunately, I do not have the back-up file for the latest set of folders / photos, so it would barely help. In any case, I will be re-work on all the tags and custom sorting, but I would like to ensure this effort / time will not be ruined later.

      Accordingly, I would like to understand:
      (a) If I change the folder paths, then even the back-up file will not be able to locate the photos and accordingly all the tags and custom sorting will again be lost? If I need to change the folder names / paths, there is no way for F-Stop to locate them and map to the photos that were loaded on F-Stop with tags and custom sorting? What if I change the phones or change the SD card which would change the folder path?

      (b) Tags and custom sorting data will be preserved only when the folder paths (including the original folder names and file names) remain the same on the same phone with the same folder and file names, and there is no rescue in case the user has to change these?

      Question #2:
      Is there any way to work on tagging and custom sorting for folders on the computer (Windows 10) rather than on the phone?

      For this question, essentially I would like to understand:
      (a) Whether there is any method to utilize file properties / meta-tags on the computer (or other computer software) which can in turn be reflected on the F-Stop when opened on the phone? I tried editing tags on file properties, but these were not reflected when opened on F-Stop on the phone — perhaps, I did not do this in the right way, and so I still would like your advice.
      (b) For paid users, whether F-Stop offers any tag editing / custom sorting platform either online / browser platform or software that can be accessed / used on the computer.

      Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing back.

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      Having the same problem as you referred on question 2, regarding the problem with having tags made on windows 10 not being recognized by the app on the phone, although the tags from fstop are recognized by apps on windows like XnviewMP.
      Did you get any solution for that?

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