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      I noticed that when I tag a photo in the fstop app, and then look at the tagging details in another program, the tagging doesn’t exist. So it looks as though the tagging process within fstop is for use only within the app itself. With this in mind, is there a way to back this up before I tag thousands of photos within fstop? Or if my phone dies, and I have to install fstop onto a new device, will my tagging show up?

      When I tag a photo outside of fstop, and then open the fstop app to search through photos based on the tagging, it doesn’t seem to find it.

      It seems as though I should be tagging outside of fstop as my primary means of photo searching, and not rely on fstop. Does anyone have a suggestion in regards to this?


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      Jason Seelye


      Tagging and rating are only contained in our database for free users. For paid users, you can write the tags and ratings to the file itself or to a sidecar file. You can see more details on how we handle metadata here: http://www.fstopapp.com/metadata/

      What software are you using to tag your photos? Can you send us an example photo? The best way to do this is through our support email: support@fstopapp.com

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