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      After I have tagged some older photos and saved them, f-stop displayed all newly tagged photos within my newest photos. That’s quite disturbing because they have been taken a lot earlier and show now up within my newest photos.
      I’m aware that meta data are written into the jpeg file, hence the modification date got altered. However f-stop should not rely on the data modification date to show them in chronological order. f-stop should rely on the file creation or photo taken date!

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      I have to add that I had choosen the option to sort by “creation date, modification date”, so I thought if the creation date of 2 photos is identical they will be sorted by modification date. It seems that f-stop could not determine the creation date of these photos, hence it sorted only by modification date.
      I found this out when I changed the sort order to only “creation date” because then the newly tagged photos were shown at the end under “unknown date”.
      So this issue is not a bug and can be closed.

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      Thanks for the update. Yes, like you noticed modification date is changed, which should be normal since file changed. And you can also sort by “Date taken”, which still gives you correct order.

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