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      I only discovered f-stop a little while ago, but I’m really loving tags and would like to see features making more use of them.
      Edit tags page: At the moment it’s only possible to see one Tag group in addition to All tags. It would be useful to be able to see more Tag groups, to make it easier to add people, locations, etc without having to swap Tag groups or hunt amongst All tags.
      Tags page: It would he handy to select a Tag group to filter by rather than just having All tags. I guess a work around would be to carefully name your tags (prefixing with an abbreviation of the group?) and then use the existing filter. Pity I didn’t think of that earlier ^_^
      Smart albums: It would be nice to select a Tag group rather than having to having to update an album’s criteria as more tags are added to the required set.
      Thumbnail display – grouping: Have the option to group by tags rather than first character of the filename – maybe a selected Tag group? I can see this could slow things down quite a bit, but would be quite handy in smart albums, say selecting a tag group of location and then having the results grouped by the individual location tags.
      Anyway, thanks for a great product and giving the opportunity for feature requests. I’m off to have a think about renaming my tags.

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