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      I’ve been using the paid pro version for a couple of months now on my phone/tablet and Samsung Chromebook Pro and it’s working very well! The problem is that the app can’t from read external media (inserted microSD card, portable hard drives, the SD card fresh out of my camera connected via OTG) on the Chromebook specifically.

      I know this is mostly a limitation of Chromebooks, but some apps are figuring a way around this. I’ve read it’s in part due to Chromebooks’ weird naming convention of the location of external media, and if apps *do* point to that unexpected/unconventional file path correctly, then they can access it. Broader support is supposed to be coming to Chrome OS “soon” but since some apps are successfully doing it now, I thought it might be worth a feature request to at least see if this could end up on your radar.

      My use case is for rating photos after a photo shoot to determine keepers etc. Obviously, I’d prefer to do that on my largest screen possible, my Chromebook. But right now, I can only connect the SD card to my phone via OTG cable and am forced to go through a couple of thousand photos that way. (Internal storage is limited on most Chromebooks, so I don’t actually have enough hard drive space to copy my files to the drive in order to use F-stop there, which is why reading external media is so important.) So right now it’s either do it in batches, temporarily writing to my Chromebook’s internal drive or use my phone to do the initial star ratings. And then, since I store my photos on external drives, I can’t really “revisit” my collection in F-stop from the Chromebook, either.

      As more people move to Chromebooks instead of traditional laptops, I hope you’ll consider how the app could be used on these machines, because I’d love for it to be *the* gallery on this machine, but right now it can’t really manage my media. Thanks for your consideration!

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