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      Hi, I’m new to the app, so maybe this is a silly question, but:

      I have around 30,000 images in around 1,500 folders. Usually when I start F-stop (Android), the CPU gets really hot for a few minutes, and the battery drains a few percent. I assume this is either because F-stop is re-scanning the archive, OR because of the process of loading all existing thumbnails into RAM. Or perhaps both. This is a problem because it uses the precious resources of battery and CPU cycles.

      This happens every time I start F-stop after a long enough interval that it is not cached in RAM anymore. In other words: Starting F-stop, waiting for the scan to finish, then exiting, and then immediately returning does not trigger the problem a second time.

      I want to ask if there is some way to avoid this, depending on what the actual cause is. I don’t need an automatic scan for new files in the entire archive when I start the app, only for each folder I am currently viewing. Similarly, I don’t need the thumbnails of the entire archive loaded into RAM, only for each folder I am currently viewing.

      My root folder contains the 1500 sub-folders. If below the root I instead made e.g. 26 sub-folders, one for each letter of the alphabet, and put each picture folder under the correct letter, would this solve the problem? I’m thinking that perhaps F-stop would only process the currently viewed “letter folder” instead of the entire archive?

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