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      Would be nice if one could copy an existing smart album into a new one….

      I have some smart albums with fairly complicated tag include/exclude rules, I sometimes need to create new smart albums where almost all the rules are identical except one (say,an album that focuses on one person in the family excluding others, the an almost-identical album that does the same thing except the “include” tag is different….)

      I’d love to be able to copy/paste an existing smart album as a starting point/template then modify the conditions in the new one as needed…..

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      Jason Seelye


      Yes, we agree and it is on our todo list. A way to accomplish this is by going into the albums view and backing up your albums from the menu. You can then select to restore this backup from the same menu. This creates duplicates for all your albums. Just delete the ones you don’t want and modify the ones you do. I know it isn’t ideal but something you can try until we fully implement copying.

      Jason Seelye

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