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      How do I hide the star ratings, heart, and folder info at the bottom of the photos?? For the life of me I can’t find an option in the Settings to hide those.

      And also the thumbnails under each photo showing the other album pics are in a 2-row grid instead of one? How can that be changed? I just updated from an S10 to an S21 and I got used to how it was in my old phone.

      Thanks in advance!

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      To hide stars and heart and info you just simply long press on the image, to switch to full screen. You can also tap on left most icon in the image viewer and disable panels you don’t need.

      As for 2 row grid (did you mean 2 column grid) you can use pinch gesture to change number of columns.

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      Thank you from me too. So simple! I thought something had changed in settings. Amazing that I haven’t turned this on by accident before. I’ve been using the app for more then 3 years and first now it happened, with a new phone.

      Apologies for not finding this thread before I created my own.

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