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      When moving a movie file from one folder to another, fstop will take a minute or more.

      Afterwards I notice that the file date time has changed to now. It’s as though the app is copying and re-saving rather than just moving. There’s nothing being associated with the movie such as rating or tags.

      Is this a bug is there anyway to speed it up?

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      Agreed…. I experienced the same behavior.. and even more, I experienced that fstop was freezed in displaying the progress bar. With a file manager I saw that the movie file was already moved completely, while fstop still displayed a progress bar (without any progress by the way). Even a click on the return button did not remove the progress bar… I had to restart fstop

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      I’ve seen the same problem, and it would be great to get an acknowledgment here from the F-Stop team that they’re aware of it.

      BTW, F-Stop isn’t the only app guilty of this – Samsung’s Gallry, QuickPick and others also, strangely, copy files instead of moving.

      A nasty side-effect of updating the timestamps is that all videos will be sorted at the top (if you sort by date).

Viewing 2 reply threads
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