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      F-Stop is the image viewer app that has suited me best until now: thank you for your work! I especially appreciate disabling of transition effects in slideshow mode, and being able to change zoom mode by double-tapping.

      Yet I miss three features. As I often have to browse through images that are animation frames, I would like to be able to:

      1. In slideshow mode, set a shorter transition time, ie between 0 and 1 second.

      2. In browsing mode, disable the slide transition effect between images, just like in slideshow mode when all three transition effects are disabled.

      3. In browsing mode, display several images in only one finger swiping, as if finger swiping was turning of a computer mouse’s scroll wheel. Since finger swiping has no discrete steps, the number of images displayed and the (short) transition time between them could be determined by swiping distance and speed. Of course, this feature number 3 requires feature number 2 above.

      Thank you for any help, and all the best!



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