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      Ingo R.

      I’m sharing the same picture collection from my NAS to several phones (using FolderSync). Unfortunately, F-Stop only stores the folder thumbnail locally, so for every new folder I have to set the folder thumbnail on every phone manually.
      I would love if F-Stop could, as an option, write the folder thumbnail also as file into the respective folder, e.g. “.thumbnail” oder “.thumb.jpg” (preferably in a smaller version). Similarly, if F-Stop finds this file in a folder, it uses this as (new) thumbnail for the folder (instead of whatever it’s got in the database right now).
      Like this, the file could be synced by FolderSync to the other phones and I would only have to set the thumbnail once. Also, this would give the option to manually crop the thumbnail or choose some icon instead of a picture from that folder.

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