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      When I select “Nested Folders,” then I find—next time I run F-Stop—that I am still in Nested Folders mode.

      If I select “Last opened folder,” there are two results. One is that I am returned to the peculiar, damned default of most gallery programs: that in which every folder and subfolder—no matter whether one or 64 levels deep—are all to be found on one screen. The other? I’m booted to…well, I’m not certain. Seems to me I’m not merely returned to “flatland,” but that—in at least some instances—the default location is unpredictable. At best? I’m back at root: so I must go two levels down to find my useful folders/images. But, on other occasions: a more-protracted and somewhat more arduous series of initial navigation becomes necessary.

      The number of settings is enormous. Seems as if changing one setting often changes one or more other thing(s) about how the app functions. Perhaps I simply haven’t yet learned how it’s supposed to work.

      Wouldn’t it be helpful if I could resume where I left off: i.e. not only Nested but in the same folder where previously I’d left off?

      I see that those are separate options among those listed in a series checkboxes under Startup screen.
      Are they—as a matter of necessity—mutually exclusive? Or is that simply the way the software happens to be constructed? (I don’t know; I can’t tell.)

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