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      photos in photo collections have exif metadata tags defined.
      for any given image any of https://exiftool.org/TagNames/EXIF.html are possibly defined.
      in viewers, particularly in multi-image views — whethere lists or grids — i typically want to SEE

      file/image size

      since my filenames are formatted as ‘YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.ext’, based on image creation date, I don’t need a separate creation date field

      with those 4 fields displayed in a viewer, I can quickly scan/select/view images.

      f-stop’s list view _does_ display 5 lines of metadata … but it’s NOT those fields, and it’s not selectable.

      that makes large collections’ display not easily navigable.

      yes, one can SEARCH on (some?) fields, but that’s quite different than displaying user-selectable data.

      the feature request is for ability to select WHICH exif data is displayed in f-stop views.
      ideally, with the finest granularity possible (per-image, per-folder, …); if not, then a global setting

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