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      Jason Seelye

      Thanks for your suggestion. There are several IPTC tags that this info could be saved in. We do plan on providing more write access to metadata in the future.

      Jason Seelye

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      I’d like to add my voice to this request. I’ve been playing with several android photo managers and so far f-stop looks the best overall. However I really like Tidy’s presentation of notes. I assume they keep them in a separate file where I think in the metadata would be cleaner, as you commented. In Tidy, when you tap the note icon, the photo dims and the note text is overlaid, really neat.

      On a similar note (!) it would be great if you could add a sticky post in the forum explaining how tags work. Must they be single word? If not, how is the separator defined? Could I use your existing tag feature to make short notes? Eg for a photo of a flower I’d like to have the common names, the family and the species as tags, and these can be multiple words each. Would tags work for this or must I wait for a note feature?


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      I would also like to add my voice to this request. What I think would be the nicest/most flexible way to do this is to let the user pick one or more metadata fields (maybe up to 3) that they want to expose for editing (this would be a global setting, not image-by-image). Then, perhaps using one of the mechanisms above, the edit fields would appear and you could make your changes. This would be super handy when I’m traveling and want to add some notes to an image while it’s all fresh in my mind.

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        Agree with knuckles’ suggestion.

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      Great idea. But from 2015. What is the status of this feature request? Is a note / description function (via standard metadata) implemented or will it be on the near future?

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