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      Hello, is there an ‘excluding’ filter in the search parameters or any other way to show pictures with a specific tag (let’s say “animals”) but excluding the ones that also have another specific tag (for example “dog”)?
      Basically I want to see every “animals” picture that doesn’t have “dog” as a tag (it’s also a useful tool while tagging a lot of similar files since it allows to see if you missed some pictures or not), but I haven’t found a way to do it, not sure if I’m missing anything though.
      Thanks 😉

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      Why has nobdy from the fstop team answered that question?
      It seems to be the case that the fstop search does not understand a NOT or – (minus) operator? I consider this a basic and essential feature of a search function.

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      Try creating a smart album. It will allow you to apply multiple filtering conditions including tag exclusions. For example, I had a folder of cartoons and other images with multiple tags. The smart album I created included one tag: cartoons and excluded both Simpsons and Family Guy.

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