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      I have a strange bug with F-Stop. I own a Galaxy Note 4 and a Galaxy Note 2 and I am using F-Stop on both devices.
      The Note 2 as well as the Note 4 runs with an Android AOSP variant. On the Note 2 scrolling through a large number of images >150 works fine. On the Note 4 scrolling via swipe works for several rows and then suddenly stops as if the end of the list has been reached. From this point on it is nearly impossible to scroll further through the images.

      This happens ONLY with this Note 4 AOSP Rom. With the original Samsung ROM scrolling works fine. So the bug is somehow operating system related. On the other hand, other galerie apps work fine and don’t show this behaviour.

      I know this is hard to describe and probably very hard to pin down but I really like F-Stop and I also would really continue using this Note 4 ROM variant. 🙂

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