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      I really love the (photo) slideshow feature, but somehow the “Repeat Slideshow” feature never works. I tried all sorts of setting (turning shuffle slideshow on or off, turning shuffle slideshow on or off ….), but the symptom is still the same:

      – After one round of the slideshow is completed, the screen is stuck at whatever the last photo (depends on whether shuffle is on), and just stays there and not progressing the slideshow.

      I tried it on both my Amazon FireHD8 and Samsung S22 phone and the result is the same.

      Did I mention that I really love the slideshow feature 😀 ? Any comment is welcome on making the repeat feature working because I really love seeing my photos changing all day long.

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      Fix is currently in beta on Play Store, but if you contact us by email, I can send you fixed version.

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      Thank you for the prompt response. Yes I am very interest in trying out the fixed version. What email address should I contact with?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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