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      Hi, I’m a long-time user of F-Stop Pro and have always loved it on my old phone (HTC One). But I just moved to a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) which support shooting in RAW. It creates a JPEG & DNG file for each shot, with the same filename (just different extension).

      – Does F-Stop have, or is planning to have at some point, support for newer phones that can shoot RAW?

      At minimum, it might be nice to be able to have an option to just treat the paired files the same, as the default Samsung Gallery appears to do a bit. By this I mean mostly just deleting both files when you delete the visible JPEG, and moving them together when you move/copy to another location. I’m sure adding the ability to have tags or ratings be applied to both would be nice for some, but I don’t really use those options much. I don’t expect ability to view RAW files necessarily (duplicates might be a hassle anyway).

      As it stands, if I delete or move the default JPEG that is visible in F-Stop, the RAW file (not seen in F-Stop) is left sitting there. I have to use a file manager to go in and find & move/delete it. This is a hassle, especially since Samsung forces all RAW files to be stored locally even if you have an SD card. So I would just like to be able to quickly move photos over to my folders on the SD card, and/or remove shots that are no good, from within F-Stop as I always have.

      Thanks! Hope to not have to use the default Samsung Gallery app, as it is so much more limiting in all other aspects!

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      Yes, this is planned. But our todo list is huge, so can’t make any promises on when it will be implemented.

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      I would like to bring this up again, since Android 7+ natively supports dng.

      If I open a file from file explorer with f-stop, it actually displays that file. However I cannot swipe left or right to the next dng and dngs also do not appear in media /folder viewer inside f-stop app.

      Looks to me like all that needs to be done is check for Android 7+ and add dng to the image search filter

      Could you please add that feature?


      Renaming dng to jpg actually let’s you work with your dngs just fine

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      I’d love this feature as well, and am surprised that it has not been implemented yet,


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