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      I am running the latest version of F-Stop Gallery from the Play Store and would now like to create several albums from my existing photos on tablet/phones. I have looked at the Album/Smart Album functionality in F-Stop but, as far as I can tell, there are some issues:
      – Adding photos from different folders on my tablet. This seems doable and I do it from each individual folder with photos.
      – Rearranging the photos in the order I would like to show them. This does not seem very user-friendly since I seem to need to click on individual photos to create the viewing order but there is no good feedback on the order created, only a checkmark on each photo. The best would be to able to drag the photos in the album into the order desired, this is much easier and gives immediate feedback on the order.
      – I know I can decide on the time each slide is shown which is fine for a static slideshow but if I want to run the slideshow casting it to eg a TV for friends, I would like to also be able to click on the tablet screen to manually advance to the next (or go back to a previous) slide. That does not seem to be possible?
      – Very limited choices on transition effects between slides, should be more transition effects, including randomizing these.

      Looking forward to your comments.

      Thank you.

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      We do plan to add more features to slideshow, but first we need to rewrite the whole image viewer part of the app, which is not small task.

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