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      I’ve used f-stop gallery for over a year, very happily.
      However, having changed my SD card in the last two weeks for a larger size, I’m having some issues:
      To change the card, I unprotected all my media (some 38000 files). I then copied the card onto a PC and then back onto the new card.
      Lastly, I reprotected all the media on the new card, using the app on my Samsung Tab S3.

      I’ve rescanned all media and can move media around etc – all seems OK – except when viewing protected media – it takes a long time to read the data. I have even noticed that the wifi seems to be in use when I display protected media, which seems odd.
      Displaying unprotected media on the SD card, or the local device is quick enough, but it regularly takes 2-3 seconds to display a photo if it is protected – this is far too long for a slide show for example – the app sometimes show ‘media not found’ for a second or two before display too (I assume because it is so slow).

      I’ve not had this issue before – do I need to do something to rebuild a cache or library ?

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