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      I use the F-Stop Media Gallery to sort and tag Images I’ve downloaded from the internet (mostly deviantArt).
      Among these pictures I have about 15 JPG Images where the picture region of the screen (and the thumbnail) remains black and no Image High/Width is shown. I’ve analyzed some of the files and no Error was found. Image High/Width was correct inserted in the SOF-Section of the file and (when exists) in the EXIF-Header too. The common between all files seems to be, that they were Progressive JPEG (mostly with a SOF2-Section – but I’m not sure if I have seen an other Progressive “Start of File” among the 15 files, than the type 2 too).
      I don’t knew whether this Problem is an error of your program or the used JPEG-library and therefore whether you can fix the problem or not.
      But if you can’f fix it, than a specific error message (Progressive JPEG with SOF2 could not shown) instead of a simple “unsupported file format” like in old times of your app would be nice.

      with best regards
      Thomas G.M. Mainka (from Germany)

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