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      I have a problem with the app.
      When I protect photos and videos, not all of them appear in the “Protected” folder, neither in the recycle bin nor in the original folder. I had protected 100 images and videos, but now I can only see 70 of them. However, when I get into the folder of FStopMediaGallery/Protected, all the 100 files are shown there, but in .ipi format. Also, when I restore photos or videos from the recycling bin, they almost never appear in the gallery again, but if I enter into the file folder where those photos or videos should be, they appear but with another extension, for example, instead of being .mp4 it appears as .mp, I manually change the name of the file and that’s it. So I think something similar is happening with the protected files. Sorry if I wasn’t clear or if this sounds very messy, but it is a bug that Iit nerd to be fixed.
      Thank you.

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