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      Thank you for an android app that supports tags.

      It would be great if you add subfolders for tags.

      At the moment each tag is represented by a virtual folder that contains all pictures with that tag.

      If you have a lot of tags you will end up with hundreds of folders, so it might be a good idea to introduce subfolders.

      My tags look like these:



      I want to suggest that these tags will transfer into subfolders:
      A folder “people” that contains two folders “family” and “friends”. The folder “family” will contain “Peter” and “John”. Within “Peter” all pictures tagged with “people/family/Peter” will be found.

      _________Pics with Peter
      _________Pics with John
      _________Pics with Maria
      ______Pics with horses
      ______Pics with cats
      _________Pics tagged with Paris
      _________Pics tagged with London

      Is there any chance that this feature will be added?

      Thank you again

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      Jason Seelye


      I can tell you that this is definitely a planned feature. We are nearly finished with a completely new tagging system that I think will make tagging much easier than it is currently. Your suggestion of hierarchical tagging is not included in this new system but will fit in nicely when we can implement it.

      Jason Seelye

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      That sounds great.

      I read that you plan to support cloud drives (Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, One Drive etc.). Will it be sufficient to add sidecar files to all pictures for F-Stop to read tags (and build its database)? Or are the APIs providing metadata for the jpegs itself?

      Thanks again for your very fast response

      PS: As there are no categorized tags yet and my tag names are rather long there’s the problem that I end up with three dots at the end of most tag folder names. Is there a way to have a smaller font or two (or more) lines for these names?

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      Jason Seelye

      Yes, cloud support is planned. With the cloud drives you mentioned, sidecar files sounds like the easiest way to ensure tags and ratings are synced between your Android device and the cloud. Flickr has tag functionality in its API so you can keep them in the image. Initially, cloud services will most likely be view only with basic functions. We will build out more popular cloud services first.

      As for the tag length, this will be improved with the new tagging system I mentioned before.

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