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      One of the most frustrating thing about F-Stop for me, is that I can’t rearrange the order of the Quick Links. I have so many folders in various categories that I create Quick Links to access them quickly, but the Quick Links can only be displayed in the order they were created, which is terrible, because if I later create more folders and add more Quick Links, I cannot change the order of the Quick Links to reflect the new additions’ position in relation to the rest of the existing folders.

      Please add the function to allow us to rearrange the Quick Links manually, such as maybe holding down a Quick Link and then activate a move function, or have it as a menu item that we can activate and then rearrange the Quick Links manually to the order we want.

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      The Quick Links a.k.a Bookmarks.
      The novel and unique features of F-Stop.

      1) Please add “custom order” function for this feature.
      2) Or turns it into a kind of “View”, just like Folder or Albums view; so the folders or bookmarks could be customized.


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