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      So just the other day I broke my phone screen to the point where I am now unable to use my old phone. Luckily I was able to extract my .ipi files from my phone, but that is all I could do. Naturally when I got my new phone, I thought all I had to do was just drop those .ipi files into the new “protected” folder and I would be able to access everything nicely. Sadly, nothing shows up. I know you can just change the extensions of the files, but in doing so you lose the name of the file. I was wondering if there was a way I could recover the image files along with their names or if I am screwed in the regard as I really would like to recover the names as it is quite important. If there is a way to do so in the paid version I would appreciate knowing as it may mean I must purchase which at this rate I am fine with.


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      Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. The only place where image names are written is database, which most likely you won’t be able to access on your old device.
      It’s located in the
      You can also try this path
      but I think you won’t be able to access this file. If you can please copy it somewhere and let me know and we will try to find a way to recover your file names.

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