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      After a quick look at the free version which showed all my photos well i got the pro version and the first thing I did after downloading was to get my folders in order. I moved several from internal to external sd card. When looking at my folders via ‘my folders’ the ones moved have gone from the internal storage and show on the external card, b ut within F-stop when I look at (nested) folders although the moved folders have gone from the internal storage (good) the relevant folders on the external card contain (according to the numberof photos listed for the folder) exactly twice the number of images that tere are according to ‘my folders’ and when one looks within the folder one gets -as one scrolls down – empty space for half the folder (it believes there are photos there but cannot show them?) and then one sees – in the lower section of the folder – one complete set of the photos…? Somehow it believes it has duplicated the images but neither it nor I can see one set of them.

      I do not know how I managed this and would be happy for a short cut solution such as starting again, erasing its memory of where thee images are and re-reading the existing folder structure. Eg. If I uninstall the app can I reinstall it without paying again;? Or is there another way to just tell it to forget everything and start again? Thanks, Brian

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      Jason Seelye

      I think this probably has to do with your settings in Settings>Main>Included folders and Settings>Excluded>Folders. Can you send me what those are?

      Also, no issues reinstalling the app. You do not have to pay for it again.

      Also, consider contacting us at It is a little easier to help you. I or you can post the solution here (once we find out what is wrong) so others can benefit.

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      Thanks, but I won’t waste more of your time on this. Manually deleting the duplicates – ‘blank’ images that showed nothing but which could be selested and deleted – in the affexted folders solved the problem for those folders and no more have apeared in subsequent folders, so I’ll leave it and trust that I don’t manage to do it again. Thanks.

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