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      Hi there,

      I really like this software, you did a great job, a nice gallery app I actually paid. However, I don’t want to use the rating feature (don’t need it) and I think those stars really block the view of image.

      Please see this image of me before getting a hair cut in your gallery app <:)

      Please skip problem (1) now, as I have created a bug report for it.

      The stars (2) are really blocking my way, I’d like to hide them entirely.

      Also the heart (3) would be better in the corner right bottom of the image.

      I’d suggest to allow us to hide or re-position these elements, so everybody would be happy. Hopefully you can do me this favor, you are close to a really perfect gallery app.

      I know these UI elements are not visible on fullscreen, however I enjoy the preview view a lot, so I suggest this improvement. 🙂

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      Jason Seelye

      These sections are called panels and are configured by tapping the icon to the left of the share icon. You can also long press on the screen to toggle full screen mode (hides/unhides all panels).

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