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      I move photo using fstop from internal memory to a full sdcard. The move is done. File are removed from source but in destination folder the file are 0kb.
      Do you know if a tool or fstop could help me to find again the file moved ?
      In the internal sdcard maybe ?
      Or at least the preview of photo that was created by fstop?

      I tried some tool on play store without success.

      My phone is Xiaomi Redmi 9 pro.

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      This shouldn’t really happen. I don’t know of any tool that would do that.
      However, try using file manager app and see if there is a file with another
      namwe in destination folder (I don’t exactly remember now whether it’s same name
      and different extension or completely different name). If there is try copying
      it to another location and change the extension.

      If that fails, you can check previews in the folder:

      Is this problem reproducable, does it happen every time?

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      it happen once, I don’t try again.

      Android/data/ : nothing here. there was very few preview in there (and the path is not exactly this one)
      a warning for people that wan’t to move photo, it is safer using a file manager 😉

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      what is strange is that all tool used on my phone or computer don’t provides me the preview file of photo from fstop. also preview file from other stock gallery tool.

      where are stored preview photo of fstop ?

      in Android/data/ there are only 12 preview photo for around 2000 photos !
      in sdcard : android/data/ contains almost nothing.

      it is strange.

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      by preview I mean thumbnail 🙂

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