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      Hi. I’m using f-stop on a Sony Walkman NW-ZX507 music player (Android). I have two image folders on the players SD Card – one contains Album Cover JPGs, the other Artist Image JPGs. Both folders show up in f-stop, but in the Album Cover folder the images don’t appear – the JPGs are all there because the folder title and the file count are both present, and the filename and other data appear in the grid, but there’s no image, just a blank space. The Artist Image folder displays normally.
      I’ve tried reloading the files to the player SD card, but no joy…

      Anyone come across this?

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      It seems as if the thumbnails are not generated or are not generated properly. You can try forcing F-Stop to regenerate them by selecting those thumbnails (blank spaces) and then selecting “Refresh thumbnails” from the menu. If that doesn’t help please send couple of those images to our support (

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