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      I used to use an older version of the app (5.3.22 iirc) and updated recently to 5.5.83 so the app could recognize the SD card

      and the SD card works indeed but there are several new issues now:

      1) when you have a folder with a lot of pictures (like 15k) that folder takes a long time to load (like 10 seconds) yet before it loaded without any delay

      and it’s not like the folder is just loading the pictures but it’s literally not showing anything

      also this happens not just the first time but every time you exit the folder and enter it back

      2) when deleting images there is no longer an option to “undo” the delete

      3) issues with videos:
      apparently it’s impossible to set videos to autoplay AND use an external video player, either you use the internal player or you use the external player but have autoplay off

      also if you use an external player after the video ends it redirects you to that player’s app (i.e. I use the QuickPic app to watch the vids but after I’ve watched the vid it opens up QuickPic and not F-Stop (like it did before))

      4) when you have a big image and double tap to zoom in it doesn’t zoom in smoothly anymore

      5) when setting custom order there are circles appearing on the images, can this be disabled?

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