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      I’d like to know if there are any “gotcha”s I need to watch out for with F-Stop. I’ve already seen the problem with writing to SD cards on an unrooted phone, and it made me wonder if there’s anything else I need to be cautious about.

      My current workflow is:
      – taking pics with my phone, and using F-Stop to tag photos
      – saving pics from other applications, again on the phone
      – saving albums to archive on my PC *
      – selecting by tag to organize archives *

      I use Picasa on the PC and have had success in reading tags I applied with F-Stop for jpg but not video files. Since then I’ve started using the “always sidecar files” but haven’t tested it.
      I’d also like to try some kind of file sharing to sync between my phone and PC. Is there a guide for using (for example) Dropbox with F-Stop?

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