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      I did successfully setup my NAS server as SMB cloud service in F-Stop.

      After opening a folder via SMB all thumbnails are shown correctly. Then I change the phone´s orientation from portrait to landscape. This results in a persistent message “Scanning folder…”. I have to go back and open the folder again to see the thumbnails.

      Same problem, when viewing a picture on a SMB cloud link.


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      I too have had a similae issue for a few months. I have emailed the developer but cannot find the email sadly and haven’t had a reply either.

      I have quite a few android devices with my main phone, a Samsung S8+ (running Oreo 8.0) being my daily device for F-Stop (5.1.15) use. Since updating to the latest version a month or so ago I too have had infinite scanning of my SMB shares and nothing else. Removing and re-adding shares doesn’t work at all upon clicking the Test Connection button so I cannot re-add period. I have to close the process because I think the infinate scanning continues in the background.

      My router has 2x USB Sticks containing family photos that are now inaccessible with the app as well as my main PC. As a result I’ve temporarily switched to using Solid Explorer for such activities.

      I also have an Samsung Tablet (running Lineage Nougat) that has a much older version of F-Stop (5.2.12) and that accesses shares just fine without a single issue.

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