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      So recently I’ve been encountering this bug. I have about 2000 images in my Downloads folder, all properly tagged and such. But after a while of using the app, only about 150 images can be seen. I can still find and view all 2000 images outside the app itself, so they’re definitely still there. After a couple of hours, all 2000 images are once again visible in the app, however, they all have their tags removed.

      It’s always the same images being removed. And it’s always the same images that remains visible. I can’t find any correlation to why it’s these images in particular. Since they’re all inside the same folder, they have the same filetype. And their modification date and such all range wildly all the way from brand new to extremely old. There’s really seemingly no reason why it’s those images in particular.

      The only thing I’ve found that might’ve caused this bug is the fact that I’m pretty sure it started happening the same day the latest update came out.

      And just to be clear. I have gone through almost every option imaginable in the settings to find a fix for this. So that includes enabling “Offline” mode and having “Autosave” on and such. Also these images are not on my SD card, they’re on the internal memory. So they should by all means be perfectly viewable by the app.

      This bug is extremely frustrating. As the app is pretty much unusable right now. Since half the time I won’t be able to view 90% of my images, and any tag I add will eventually be removed.

      Any help would be appreciated. Maybe a rollback to a previous version could fix it? Although obviously I can’t do that on my own.

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      My first question would be what is your scanning type? You can find that under
      Settings->Main->Included folders

      Let me know that, and we’ll continue from there.

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        My scanning type is “Custom scanning” -> Scan default storage locations (checked) -> Included is the root folder of my Internal Storage and SD card.

        I don’t see why this would be a problem since I’ve used the app with this exact scanning without any problems for 2 years.

        As for your other thing. I guess I misspoke the problem a bit. But the tags disappeared during the initial occurrence of the bug. If I tag images now and the bug happens, then they will get they will keep their tags when they come back. And I think this might have something to do with me enabling “Autosave” after the bug first happened.

        This is still a problem though since I go without 90% of my library for a large period of time. And thumbnails and general organization such as sorting all gets reset.

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      Another thing I would like you to try. You said that when those images are removed from the list, and when they come back, tags are missing.

      So, can you please try this: pick one of the images that will be removed. Add a tag, save a tag to that image. Then go to Downloads folder with file manager app and copy that image somewhere. If you know how to check whether image has tags in it, please do so, otherwise send it to me. So, this image should have tags embedded in the XMP section.
      After images are gone, and when they com back (and tags are lost), copy that same image somewhere and check if it has tags now. Or send it to me.

      If tags were properly written into images, even if image is removed from database and later added again, it should have all tags as they would be reread from the image. I am trying to find out whether there is some issue with writing tags or with images themselves, or something else…

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      I might’ve fixed the bug. So I did finally find a correlation between the images hidden and the images visible. Those that are hidden are those that are directly in the Downloads folder. Whilst those that are visible are in sub-folders of the Downloads folder.

      So I checked to see if the Downloads folder was a excluded folder or something. But it was not. And in the included folder, then it would scan the entire phone. So obviously that would include the Downloads folder. And considering it finds files in sub-folders of the Downloads folder, it definitely scans it.

      Regardless, what I did was add in the Downloads folder under “Additional included folders”. And suddenly all images came back. But again, this should’ve not been necessary as I’ve always used the same scanning method and all images were properly found before. Either way, it seems to have fixed the problem for now. We’ll see if the bug happens again. But for now it works.

      I’ll probably update again in a couple of days if it’s still fixed or not.

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      Scan type could maybe have effect if it would be set to “Media store”. If it is custom it should not. But I had to check.
      Getting tags back after missing images are back is due to the fact that tags are actually saved, and yes that is most likely due to Autosave.

      As for your latest change in setting that seem to fix the issue. Normally, this should not happen. If there are default settings in “Included folders” and “Excluded folders” then there is no need to add any of those folders specifically.

      Are you sure there is no “.nomedia” file in Downloads folder? If there isn’t, then I don’t see a reason for such behavior, and I would like to fix it. But for that you will need to contact me over email ( so we can continue this investigation there.

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