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      Hi, I use the app for professional usage to let my customers rate their photos, which they want to purchase. Now, suddenly, all ratings have disappeared. I had deleted some photos yesterday, but in other folders, but now ALL ratings from ALL images are gone.
      Is there a way to restore that information? And is this a known bug?
      P.S. I use the android version on a Samsung tablet.

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      Got an answer of the support team. The reason was I had removed the SD card. This leads to removing of all images and their information of the database. Offline usage and writing meta data into files will prevent the software from doing that. Bad luck for me. Or is there a way to restore the database?

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      Jason Seelye

      Thanks for posting the answer here. The best way to handle this is to write the ratings to the image or to a sidecar file. We support writing both tags and ratings to JPGs and sidecar files. This is a PRO feature that allows the organizational data to be portable outside of F-Stop.

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