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      On it states:”F-Stop’s deep scanning allows it to provide you with powerful features like sort by the actual date taken, instantly search tags and ratings, create albums and smart albums, etc.

      How can I search for ratings? (Without search for ratings, rating images would not make much sense…)

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      What exactly do you want to achieve?

      If you open navigation drawer on the left side, there is “Ratings” entry. If you click that you can open images rated with 1 star, 2 stars ,etc.

      Also, you can use ratings in Smart albums combined with other conditions.

      Is there anything else you want to achieve?

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      I want to search for ratings. That means I want access the ratings data via the search feature.

      Practical example: I return from a holiday trip to france with 600 fotos. I tagged and rated theem. I want to show the at least 3 star pictures to some family members. I want send the 5 star pictures with the tag landscape to a friend. I want to show the at least 2 star pictures with the tag beach to another friend. i want to show the at least 4 star pictures with the tag paris to my colleagues. And so on…

      In all of that cases I still need the the full feeedom of sorting the fotos in chronological order. That is why first search for the tah and then sorting by rating is no option.

      I totally refuse to create numerous temporary smart albums for each case. That is what a search is intended for.

      It is as simple as that: The search function needs some syntax for ratings (and the favourite heart as well). Something like *=1 *=2 *>3 *>=2 *3-5.

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      Can some of the fstop developers reply to this topic?

      I took an effort to collect some related forum topics. All point into a direction that users have a need for a more powerful search syntax. Are you working on this?

      Search syntax for ratings:

      Minus or Not operator in search:

      Search syntax for a part of the date:

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