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      Please add the possibility to filter any list/grid of photos by tags.

      For example when you enter an album, e.g. ‘My family’ with hundreds or thousands of pictures I expect that I can tap on filter and type some tags to further reduce the list (e.g. ‘kids’)

      The filter syntax shoud be straightforward. tag:kid* or without keyword search in tags by default.

      (of course this should be thougt in combination with other exiating filter feature request like rating:3+ and date:2021*)

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      What you asking can already be achieved trough smart gallery its just you will have to create new sub gallery for each filter you need.

      Id rather have a drop down filter (known as quick filter in microsoft excel) where in one box you select what filter to use Tag, Rating etc in second box you enter actual filter criteria or select in popup windowbfrom avaiable options for that filter. And ability to use multiple filters.

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