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      Hello F-Stop Team,

      I love your app and use it quite often. Unfortunately, F-Stop causes serious problems in my usual work-flow:
      I normally import photos from my Nikon DSLR with Nikons Software ViewNX. Now, I sync them to my tablet and want to rate and tag them with F-Stop. After I have saved the new meta data to the files, they are broken:
      – ViewNX cannot display the full image anymore, only thumbnails. The meta data is not displayed.
      – F-Stop does not recognize the meta data it has written to the file an instant ago. The file is blank.
      – xnView 2.22 crashes immediately when selecting such a file.

      However, Windows Explorer and Picasa display both the photo and the meta data.
      Files that were imported with ViewNX and rated with other software do not cause any problems.

      Maybe the meta data (xmp) structure initially added by ViewNX is off-specification and every other tool is compliant enough to read/modify the data. But F-Stop seems to choke and to turn things worse…

      Can you check if these files in question comply with the xmp/exif/iptc/jpg specs? I would provide samples.
      Does somebody else experiences these problems?

      If these problems remains, F-Stop is useless for my whole present photo collection.

      Thanks for your help!

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