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      I spent a lot time in creating individual order of fotos f.e. for individual slideshows with selected fotos and videos.
      VLC Player, Irfan Viiew and other software are playing foto slideshows from simple textfiles with filenames (m3u and m3u8 files f.e.).

      My problem with F-Stop is that f-stop is not able to import and export custom views lists.
      There is no way to export or import custom view and sort order of fotos.
      I even tried to extract the custom view sort order of folders or albums from the backup file – but that is not possible for me.
      For this f-stop is useless
      All work in f-stop which is spent in custom view is only for the use in f-stop.

      My resumee:
      F-Stop is a very nice foto gallery software.
      It has a lot functions like showing and organising fotos in folders and albums as well as.favorites, tagging and rating them.
      The “hide foto(s)” function is only nice addon because its without encryption.
      But the f-stop functions “slideshow” and “custom view” are useless because it is only for the use in f-stop, no export and no import is possible, only a backup for the use in f-stop.
      For managing larger amounts of fotos and/or creating of individual slideshows better look for other software which is able to store your work in a simple textlist files.

      Kind regards,

      There is already a request here in this forum in year 2015 for the function “export of custom view for windows”.
      For me it seems you took this request not serious enough.

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