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      You have built in the exclude folder option which is nice. Please consider an option to exclude the “mother”-folder (the enclosing folder).

      What I mean: I ran f-stopforthe first time and had to exclude aroung 80 folders from my music library. Ok. Since I change my music library frequently I would like to exclude the music folder alltogether. That way I would not have to exclude folders every time I chnage my music.

      I am a new user (one day) and I am already hooked. My background is enthusiast photographer.
      Thanks for reading thi

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      Jason Seelye

      Sorry for the late reply. You can exclude the “mother” folder by going into Setings>Main>Excluded folders and adding it there. We do plan on improving this aspect of F-Stop so the top level folder can be chosen using the long-press gesture you are currently using to exclude folders.

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