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      I´m in desperate search for a gallery that supports tagging. While the App looks quite good I think the workflow for tagging a lot of files is still very slow. Just imagine you did a lot of nice shots today and want to tag most of the photos with different tags. Selecting every single photo, click on “menu”, click on “edit tags” etc. is very slow.
      I wish it would be possible in the “tagging view” to just jump to the next picture for further tagging. This way we could easily tag a whole folder…

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      Ingo R.

      Well, you may of course multi-select pictures and then tag them all at once. That’s what I do all the time.
      But I’d also like some easier workflow. I imagine a mode where the currently selected Tag Group is shown superimposed over the top of the picture, as a row (or several) of clickable tag words. Then you could quickly select the tags, then the rating and (if you activated that option) you’re taken to the next picture.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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